Fleet Maintenance System (X-FMS)

X-FMS is an add-on software module of X-Fleet which can help you run a more cost efficient fleet while reducing the number of breakdowns. It can help to reduce road calls, reduce inventory, increase mechanic productivity, and provide information that is vital to your fleet. X-FMS is a money-saving tool for fleets.

X-FMS can also track the fuel, insurance and other related costs of a fleet.

Key Benefits

Employee Management

X-FMS stores information about employees as address, phone number, wage, drivers license number and expiration, productivity statistics, and certifications. Employee records need to be added for all mechanics that will be working on or managing vehicles.

Preventive Maintenance

Maximise your resources, reduce downtime and increase efficiency with XFMS. Our easy-to-use, intuitive system helps you identify potential breakdowns and prevent equipment failure impacting your production and profits. X-FMS creates work orders when preventive maintenance is due.

Service Scheduling

Monitor maintenance by odometer, hours, days, calendar dates, days of the week, tire depth, or fuel and oil consumption. X-FMS monitors vehicles for routine maintenance.

Repair Histories

Produce complete repair histories for each vehicle, including parts and labour. Review your repair costs in a variety of ways, geographic location, department, type, ID number, etc.