Fleet Management (X-Fleet)

X-Fleet is available as an online Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking System and comprises of the following modules that can be activated depending on customer requirements:

  • Fleet Management System
  • Fleet Maintenance System (FMS)
  • Route Management System
  • Goods Despatch and Delivery Confirmation System

Real Time Alerts

A key benefit of this is that it offers fleet operators real-time alerts via e-mail and / or SMS so that corrective action can be taken in a timely manner.

Once a telematics device is fitted to a vehicle, registered and configured, fleet managers receive an alert whenever a vehicle:

  • Spends extra time on a specified route
  • Stays at a stop/delivery point more than the specified time
  • Uses extra fuel than the standard limit
  • Travels extra distance to reach a destination
  • Exceeds the speed limit - over-speeding
  • Leaves, travels or arrives late
  • Deviates from a pre-scheduled route
  • Enters into a restricted area


The following reports can be automatically generated and sent to fleet managers and operators via email:

  • Activity Report (Ignition status, speed & location)
  • Depot Report (all visited depots)
  • Vehicle Stationary Report
  • Geo-fence Report
  • Mileage Report
  • Specific Time (e.g. Night Time) Driving violation
  • Over-speed
  • Trip Efficiency
  • Vehicle History

Advanced Features

The following advanced features are available:

  • Automatic Periodic Report Generation
  • Unlimited server-based geo-fencing
  • Fuel Management
  • GIS Mapping expertise and services
  • Digital Maps / Google Maps
  • Driver Identification (RFID)
  • Currently supports 5 different Telematics Devices