• Fleet Management

    Fleet Management

    X-Fleet is available as an online Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking System. Our Fleet Management software solution consists of different modules like Reports, Fleet Maintenance system, WayBill, Route Management and Geofences

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  • GIS Map Digitisation

    GIS Development

    Xpert Technologies International offers GIS services in digitisation, consultancy and training. We have access to highly experienced GIS consultants and operators and modern software and computing resources.

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  • Software Development

    Software Development

    Xpert Technologies International specialises in developing custom software solutions to meet specific customer requirements. We specialise in Website Development, Web Designing, GIS Solutions, Map Digitisation, Device Integration, Customised Reports.

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  • Consultancy


    With our experience of telematics spanning a decade, Xpert Technologies International can offer advice to entrepreneurs, business start-ups, resellers and operators of vehicle fleets about all aspects of Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking. In particular, we can give specialist advice on key aspects of Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking such as web hosting, tracking devices, map digitisation, etc.

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